Birth of the Auto Texting Lead Magnet (ATLM)

Posted on: 10/05/2017

Birth of the Auto Texting Lead Magnet (ATLM)

Real Estate Text Marketing Service –

Real Estate Text Marketing Service
How can you benefit from real estate text marketing?

Text marketing services have become one of the fastest growing services in real estate in the past few years. This trend makes sense as more and more potential real estate customers not only move online, but move online through their mobile device. In fact, 52 percent, or more than half, of home buyers used their iphone for their home search and 83 percent of home buyers want to see pictures and other information about a property online rather than in print. In order to catch potential customers, you must not only move online, but find a way to market to customers through their mobile devices.

Text messaging is one of the easiest ways to make that happen. Agents need only send a text to a potential client about a property and provide a link that takes them to online photos and other information about the property. But with lots of potential customers, composing individual texts of this sort is not only time-consuming, but overwhelming. Thus, the automated text message was born. Various companies from big box real estate to small non-real estate have developed products to make this automated process easier for agents.

Helping agents reach customers through the mobile sphere has become quite the competition between real estate companies. In 2014, Zillow spent 65 million dollars and Trulia spent 45 million dollars on marketing campaigns to reach agents. The same year saw online real estate advertising spending exceed 16 billion dollars.

Although this advertising spending adds up to a pretty penny for companies, it opens the gate to even bigger money for companies that capitalize on agents’ need to reach clients through their mobile devices. [bctt tweet=”Real estate text marketing services have become almost ubiquitous with the real estate industry in general.” username=”@realtyflux”]

So you may be asking yourself, how do you make this system work for you? Well, the answer lies in finding the right services at the right price. In other words, finding a company that offers real estate text marketing service that fit your needs and your wallet. You want a company that works for you, not just your money.

Agents can find companies offering everything from simple automated text messaging services to integrated text messaging services. And while the choices seem endless, here’s some helpful tips that’ll guide you in your decision to find the right services for you.

First, decide how and when you want to start integrating real estate text messaging services. You can use text messaging services on your business cards, yard signs, website, open houses and even for continuing real estate educational classes. The list is endless.

Second, research what each company brings to the table with their version of real estate text messaging services. Some companies such as Trumpia, Club Texting, and TXT180 only offer automated text messaging services and charge based off how much the service is used. Other companies such as Realtor, Zillow, and Trulia offer a more integrated approach that combines the other products they promote with text messaging services. However, these companies do charge a premium for the services they offer.

Incidentally, there is one company that stands apart from the crowd when it comes to real estate text messaging services. RealtyFlux has taken this service to the next level without draining your bank account. They specialize in what is called an Auto Texting Lead Magnet (ATLM for short). The company lets you choose specific keywords to use in several different types of text marketing lead magnet campaigns. It also comes with your own lead generating website and, of course, push notifications so you can contact potential customers right away.

Third, evaluate the choices and make the best decision for you. Watch out for minimum commitments when you are signing up as some companies make agents commit to use their real estate text messaging services for a certain amount of time. Look at who gives you the best bang for your buck. You want to spend as little as possible for the most amount of features.

And finally, once you’ve decided on and signed up for a service, start connecting with clients and potential customers. It’ll save both you and your customers time and bring you the greatest success!

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