Real Estate Text/SMS Message Sign Rider Marketing

Posted on: 10/12/2017

Real Estate Text/SMS Message Sign Rider Marketing

Real Estate Text/SMS Message Sign Rider Marketing
How can you benefit from real estate text marketing?

Real Estate Text/SMS Message Sign Rider Marketing

As a real estate agent, you know generating leads is essential. I mean, if there were no leads, there would be no clients to work with and no money coming in. Although they are critical for your real estate business, there’s an overwhelming number of ways to go about getting them. You can knock doors, try social media, create a website, and even send out flyers. But the most popular, by far, is still paying large companies for lists of potential clients’ information.

Even though this is the most costly method, real estate professionals cling to it because it saves time and effort. Can you imagine trying to go door to door looking for leads?

Purchasing “pig pen” leads, or leads generated by large realty companies such as Zillow, Trulia, and and others, is extremely expensive and not very effective. In fact, Zillow, one of the largest real estate companies, costs an average of $3,600 and gives you only 120 leads per year. Plus, the leads generated from an online listing are sold to multiple real estate agents who fight over the same clients.

The problem is not only the cost, but anger from potential clients who ends up on the lead list. Wouldn’t you be angry if your personal information was thrown into a “pig pen”? There are few of us who enjoy our personal information being sold on the internet to any number of realtors with deep pockets.

We get it though. You need leads and “pig pen” leads are easy to come by. However, a better solution exists. Realtors can now use personal lead generating products (PLGP). These products automatically engage with clients through web, social media, text, or other means. They collect potential homebuyer and home seller information in a non-invasive way that they agree to. The information is immediately collected and given to one, specific realtor. That realtor can then begin the process of working with them as a client.

The most prominent example of a PLGP is RealtyFlux. RealtyFlux auto-engages potential clients through real estate text messaging. It also gives realtors a lead-generating web form that can be posted to social media sites. In other words, it helps you generate leads with all of the tried and true methods of real estate marketing along with new methods that draw clients in such as SMS message sign rider marketing.

PLGP products are known to work well and are very inexpensive. Instead of spending $3,000 a year, you can spend 10x less for the same amount of lead generation. And with the amount of time and money saved, shouldn’t all realtors be using a PLGP?


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