What’s on(the)line? Your real estate reputation

Posted on: 10/31/2017

What’s on(the)line? Your real estate reputation

Text Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents
Text Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents

Text Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents

Technology and the internet have taken over our lives. It seems everywhere you look, people are browsing something online. Although it’s only been 26 years since the internet went public, it has inundated our lives. To think of a time when people didn’t have to worry about checking their email or social media almost seems unreasonable! In our day and age, where text marketing services for real estate agents abounds and you online presence is everything, it’s easy to get caught up in the online world. However, you need to think about more than just the online world if you are going to live and be successful in the real one, especially as a realtor.

Even though you have access to all kinds of online communities, it’s important to remember to be professional in your online interactions. The last thing you want is to lose a client over something that you said or did online. Just a glance at the list of online disasters companies or individuals have made will make you think twice before you hit publish. Most of the mistakes could have been easily avoided had the company, or person, simply kept a professional and friendly online presence.

You don’t want to lose out because of an online blunder. Some effective ways to create a professional online profile are to update your sites with a professional photo of yourself, update information on your social media and websites consistently, set privacy controls, and be positive in your online interactions. You never know who may be looking at your online profiles, so it’s important to be consistently polished. Potential, and even current, real estate clients will come to know you through interacting with your online presence, so you’d better make sure that it is a memorable interaction in the positive.

Your online presence gives you access to information and social communities that allow you to communicate and work effectively, especially as a real estate agent. Think about the MLS or multiple listing service; it allows you to list and find homes in a streamlined manner. There’s really no database like it out there. And without the internet, it never would’ve existed. Can you imagine trying to list each home in the newspaper or in an exclusive database that only came through the mail. It would be awful! We have technology to thank for our advances in real estate.

Even more important, perhaps, than the MLS for your real estate business may be social communities hosted through a variety of social media sites. Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others allow you to present yourself and communicate in a professional way to current and potential clients. The way in which you present yourself online will definitely have an effect on how you are perceived as a real estate agent in the real world.

All clients want to be confident that know how you can help them sell or purchase a home. If your online presence doesn’t at least give them that comfort, you need to rethink your strategy. So, how can you showcase your real estate prowess through your online presence? Well, two easy ways to feature your real estate business is through online reviews and text marketing services for real estate agents.

In order to let potential clients know that you are a safe bet is to show them your previous work through the eyes of those that have worked with you before: previous clients. Ask past clients to write an online review about their experience with you. Once this is done, you can publish the reviews and boost them on social media. Facebook has a fantastic way of boosting posts for a small amount of money that won’t break the bank.

In addition to asking for a client to write a review, you can ask for referrals at the same time; a double-win! Taking advantage of the time you are asking a client to put in for you will help tremendously. You don’t want the client to get overwhelmed, or worse, frustrated when you keep asking them to do things multiple times. Perhaps even think of small incentive that would make it worth the client’s time. Because, after all, time is money.

The second way to feature your real estate business online is through text marketing services for real estate agents. Text marketing services, such as RealtyFlux, allow you to seamlessly lead potential clients to your online presence through an initial text interaction. The great part about this is that potential clients are found organically and typically haven’t been contacted time and time again by other real estate agents. They are fresh to the real estate scene.

And a couple advantages of working with a client, or clients, that haven’t been contacted a lot is first, you can show off your knowledge, and second, you can help them make one of the most important decisions they’ll make in their life! What an awesome opportunity. In addition, when you work with people that haven’t been marketed to a lot, you have an opportunity to build rapport in the community. If you do a good job, then your clients will give you referrals, who are, perhaps, in the same situation — not been marketed to a lot.

Lastly, be sure to continuously monitor your online presence keeping current and potential clients up-to-date. You don’t want to overload or badger past clients, but you do want to keep them in the know about the important things you can offer them after they purchase a home. Part of keeping up with clients is making sure you keep in touch online as well as in person. Most people prefer to do business with a person they enjoyed working with time and time again. Keeping in touch with past clients online can lead to another sell in the future. And who doesn’t want that? In the end, if you are diligent in keeping a professional and friendly online reputation, you will have repeat clients time and time again.

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