Modern Homebuyers: Treat them right to win big – Part 2: The Middle Man

Posted on: 11/02/2017

Modern Homebuyers: Treat them right to win big – Part 2: The Middle Man

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate
Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

The second type of home buyers are Gen X’ers, aged 35 to 50.  These home buyers are trading up. Their family and budget have grown and so have their sights. They have bigger families than millennials and need more room. They’re ready for something more. Common ways of communicating with this group can be through a plethora of channels such as text message marketing for real estate, calls, emails, and even, snail mail marketing.

Having already been through the buying process once, Gen X knows what they need to do to get qualified, what to do to build their credit in order to have a great credit score when they are getting ready to buy, and are ready and prepared to sell their old home. A lot of the hard work is done for you when you are working with this age group. They don’t need to be convinced about your real estate methods since they have already been there and done that with their first home.

With that said, a good place to start with second time home buyers is their old home. Do some fact finding to figure out what they liked the most about the home they were in. Did it have an open floor plan? Was the yard low maintenance? Were the neighbors quiet? From there, you can determine what they are looking for in a new home. More rooms? Bigger backyard? Things they might’ve wanted in their first home, but had to do without. Once you determine what kind of home they had and are looking for, you will be in a better position to find homes that will appeal to the Gen X client.

The Gen X client is easy to please once you understand how to work with them. Dedicate a few minutes to getting to know more about how they communicate and how they can be of service to your real estate business. The following helpful tips are a good place to start.

First, remember that these buyers are looking for a home that reflects how far they’ve come. They aren’t wishful 20-year-olds anymore. They have had the experience of a home of their own and since they’ve been working, have more to spend on a home that fits the lifestyle that they are creating. Plus, Gen X, simply because of age, have more children than the millennial generation. They need more room for their growing family.

Gen X buyers not only have more buying potential, but have higher standards. They’ve been working hard to support their family and their own career. Most want a home that reflects this. They might even want to show off a bit; in a good way. They want something that is nicer than the starter home they’ve been living in, but not something too lavish and extreme. Gen X wants something that is realistic for their budget as well as lifestyle. So, like with any client, find them a home that fits not only their needs, but their wants too.

Second, the best way to communicate with Gen X is all forms of modern communication–text message marketing for real estate, call or email. Gen X is a great group to work with as they can handle and are willing to use most forms of communication. Although you should always ask each individual client what form of communication works best for them, a rule of thumb is that Gen X can work with any type of communication. This may benefit you as their realtor because you can use what ever form of communication works the best for you. The one you feel the most comfortable with.

However, since they are digital immigrants, they are far less comfortable with new communication styles such as texting or social media. So, if you are going for one of these communication forms, make sure that they can keep up with the style of communication. Although, many Gen Xers find texting a viable communication channel, so perhaps try text message marketing for real estate with them. See what happens. It’s important to keep in mind though, when you need to tell them something important, use a good, old-fashioned phone call. Since this is the form of communication that they are most used to, it’s also the best to give them real estate updates via the phone.

And just as with the millennial generation, you want to be straight with this type of client. Don’t beat around the bush. No one benefits when the facts or even some of the facts are withheld. You want to make sure that they are informed about all aspects of the purchase of a home. WIth more information comes more power. You want your client to be as informed as possible so they can make not only the best decision, but the right one for them and their family.

Third, they’re great people to get referrals from. By just taking a quick examination of the age group you can discern this. Gen X is well-established in the workplace and community. They have good, established relationships with others which can lead to solid future clients. If you are a successful real estate agent with just one Gen Xer, you have the potential to serve as the real estate agent of choice for dozens more.

When you are finished helping them with the purchase of their new home, make sure to ask for a review and referrals. Some realtors like to hold off as the buying process for both the real estate agent and the real estate client can be exhausting. This is true. The buying process can be a harrowing experience.

However, it’s best to ask for both a review of your real estate services and referrals for future clients when the process is fresh in their minds. You don’t want to wait too long. After a month, or even a couple weeks, they may forget some of the aspects you brought to the process as a realtor that other realtors don’t. You don’t want to lose out on them writing about something that is totally unique to you and your realty business.

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