Crafting a Great Call To Action in Your Real Estate Text Marketing

Posted on: 11/15/2017

Crafting a Great Call To Action in Your Real Estate Text Marketing

Real Estate Text Marketing
Real Estate Text Marketing

Crafting a Great Call To Action in Your Real Estate Text Marketing

One of your most important duties as a successful realtor is to make sure that your marketing and advertising is on point. A mark of a great marketing plan is one that implore’s that potential clients are so keenly aware of you that they think of you and your realty company out of context. For example, you will know if you have marketing in your community down pat when potential clients think about you not only when they see your yard sign or receive your real estate text marketing, but when they drive, are at work, or are doing the dishes. Of course the most important time that a potential client can think about you is when they are looking to buy or sell a home, but you want your marketing to be so compelling that potential clients can’t help but think about you.

In order to make this happen, you need several things. The first is a compelling call to action. A call to action is something that moves potential clients to get off the couch and use you as their realtor. Compelling calls to action include those that carry weight, or in other words, mean something in the lives of your target audience. A house sold to a client who is simply going to rent it out doesn’t mean nearly as much as a client who is looking for the perfect, forever home for their family. When you craft your marketing, make sure that what you are asking potential clients to do carries long-term consequences. Attach your real estate business to the potential clients’ self-interests — their family, their friends, and their community. You want to make it so they consider you a part of what they not only want, but need most in their life.

The second is a memorable call to action. You want to stick in a potential client’s mind long after they’ve received your real estate text marketing or pulled your mailer from their mailbox. The more memorable an advertisement, the longer they will remember you. Think about Super Bowl commercials. Companies spend millions on an advertisements that last only seconds, and yet those commercials are embedded in people’s memories for weeks! In fact, people who don’t watch football, or who could care less about football tune in just for the commercials. What an impact! You want your real estate business to reflect this type of longevity and memorability.

The third is a unique call to action. No one will remember you if you are like every other realtor out there. You need to analyze your personal real estate business and find what sets you apart from the competition. Once you’ve found what you can offer that no other realtor can, market it. Tell your target market why you are unique, how you are unique, and then show them. There’s no better way to win people over than to show them what you can do to improve their life. Let’s go back to the Super Bowl commercials again. None of the commercials are the same. They are all unique; showcasing what they can do to help the target audience. So, what’s the message for you? Find something that’s unique about yourself and your realty business and use it to your advantage.

So, when you are crafting a call to action that will blow potential clients out of the water, remember you should have something that no one else does. For example, RealtyFlux, an automated real estate text marketing company, offers customers memorable advertising that works for minimal cost. They have a unique brand that no other competitor can offer.

Once you’ve found your real estate marketing sweet spot, own it. Many call this your personal brand. Your personal brand is the way you present yourself – from the way you dress to the way you act. You want people to remember you. The same can be said of your real estate personal brand. Decide how you want to present your real estate to others. Are you an edgy realtor that likes working with non-traditional clients and homes? Or are you more formal and family-oriented? There’s no right or wrong answer. You just need to find what you are comfortable with marketing your real estate business as.

Some realtors struggle to find what is truly “them.” If this describes the situation that you find yourself in, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. First, try writing a list of words that you would use to describe your real estate business and pick one you can own. Second, build your advertising to fit around this distinctive description. Since it is your personal real estate brand, you’re going to want to define yourself in such a way that is appealing and easy to market to others.

This is where you’re going to have to get creative. Advertising and marketing are all around us.  In fact, it’s so prevalent that your brain actually tunes most of it out. You only register the small portion your brain sees as relevant. Therefore, your advertising and marketing efforts can’t be like everyone else’s. If it is, you won’t get noticed. In order to stand out from the crowd, here are a few tips you can follow: keep it simple, concentrate on visuals, establish relevance, and prove your credibility. Other than that, make sure that your call to action is compelling, memorable, and unique.

A call to action can be something on the advertisement or marketing piece such as words, a visual, or another medium altogether. Just make sure that people will stop dead in their tracks when they see it. That’s how powerful a great call to action can be. Finally, a good call to action will always provokes emotion. This is why people stop dead in their tracks when they see an advertisement that speaks to them. A good example of this is Nike. Just by saying the brand’s word, you have an emotional response and want to go buy a pair of shoes. This is exactly what you want your potential clients gut reaction to be when they see your call to action. You want them to stop whatever they are doing and call you to either be their realtor or show them the home.

Although real estate marketing may seem like an overwhelming task, don’t worry. All you need to do is come up with a call to action that stands out. You’re a realtor after all, you’ve handled things way more stressful than this. Find what’s you and go with it. And don’t forget to enjoy the process while you’re at it. Who knows? You may even end up enjoying yourself.

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