5 Ways You Can Connect More With Clients

Posted on: 11/17/2017

5 Ways You Can Connect More With Clients

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real estate text marketing service

In the real estate business, it’s important to have a personal connection with your clients. Since clients are your bread and butter, quite literally, you want to make sure they see you as more than a salesperson or someone who just gives them business advice. You want them to see you as their friend. Although there are a plethora of ways you can build rapport with clients from using real estate text marketing services to meeting one-on-one with them, the following five tips will help you connect with each client in a truly unique way.

Add a personal touch. There is a lot to be said of finding something that defines you or your business and owning it, especially in the real estate world. This is typically called a personal or business brand. It is something that defines you and the way you do business. Once you’ve defined what your personal or professional brand is, you need to incorporate it into your everyday business as a realtor.

You can use what defines you and your business to add a personal touch to your interactions with clients. For example, when a client closes on a home, give them something that is part of your personal brand as a memento of the occasion. This level of attention to detail is part of what separates good realtors from great ones.

In addition, you should use your personal brand as part of your marketing strategy. Put it on your business cards, your website, and your real estate text marketing service such as your auto leading text magnets. If you make yourself unique, you will stand out from the crowd. Clients will remember you more if you are different. If you are the same, no one will remember you. You’ll just end up blending in with all the other realtors in your area.

  1. Really listen. This is hard to do, especially when you feel like you have all the real estate answers for a client. But take a step back and a deep breath before you dive in. Look at this from a different perspective. People love to talk about themselves and thus, you would be wise to let the client have their turn without interruption. The client, more often than not, wants someone will listen to what they want and then give suggestions for solutions, rather than a realtor who doesn’t listen and constantly buts in. Don’t be that kind of realtor. Just listen.

And when you are listening, take notes. It may sound silly or like too much work, but the notes you take may just become the most important reference point in the future. And you can feel like a real estate rock star when you help to solve a client’s problem just by listening to what they have to say. In addition, when you are finished working with the client, you can use the information you collected to reconnect with the client.

Notes are also helpful when you are trying to get referrals or make a second sale. Now, if you are like some salespeople, you have a hard time not doing all the talking. However, listening is key. So, take a few minutes each day to practice. Studies show that the more you practice, the better you become. Therefore, you will need to practice listening, really listening in order to make the most of your client relationships.

  1. Be patient. Sometimes clients can be tough eggs to crack. They may need time, attention and a lot of love to get them from “just looking” to an actual sale. However, like almost all things that are worth it, it will pay dividends in the end. In fact, studies show that there is more satisfaction from a customer who was harder to sale to than one that turned into a sale right away. Crazy right? It’s probably because you spent so much time and effort, and now your patience will pay off.

In addition, letting the client be picky and take longer may actually help you in the long run when you ask for a review at the end of a sale. The client will be more than happy to let everyone know how patient you were with their lengthy decision. And how caring you were to let them decide and not be pushy about your own agenda, i.e. making a sale.

  1. Create opportunities for joy. Although this may sound like a self-help technique, it can easily be applied to the realty sphere. Find ways to help the client experience joy. After all, they are purchasing a home they will create memories in for years to come. It’s a big deal. You have plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the buying or selling process.

Perhaps you can wow them with a home showing they weren’t expecting or when they do find that perfect home, give them a personalized gift that they weren’t expecting or that is out of the ordinary. Creating opportunities for the client to feel joy during the real estate process will only help you in the end. If the client has joyous experiences throughout their time with you, they will come to associate you with that feeling. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Remember the small things. This plays into all of the tips listed above. The smallest thing can make the biggest difference between a successful and a mediocre sale. And you don’t want your clients experience to be mediocre; you want it to be successful. For example, you can customize your real estate text marketing services to a client based off the information you have about them.

In addition, another good opportunity to show the client you remember the small things about their life is when you are asking for a review and referrals at the close of a sale. When you ask, personalize your message. Find a way to let the client know you were listening to what they said. And not only that you were listening, but that you care about what they said.

Although in the end it is up to you to close a sale, finding ways to connect with the client will lead to happier clients. Happier clients leads to more realty referrals. More real estate referrals ultimately end up with more sales for you. So, taking all of this into account, it’s definitely worth your time to learn how to implement techniques that will enhance and even grow your real estate business.

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