How to Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand

Posted on: 11/21/2017

How to Build Your Personal Real Estate Brand

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real estate SMS marketing

Real Estate SMS Marketing

Okay, let’s start with the basics: what is a personal brand and why it is important. A personal brand is simple enough to understand. It’s simply marketing yourself and your career as a brand would. When you brand your real estate business, you are really branding yourself too as your real estate business brand will reflect on you, personally. Therefore, it’s important to think about what sets you apart from other realtors in your area and even in the United States. Do you use real estate SMS marketing? Host open houses? Work with only the best contractors? It’s imperative that you understand how you are different from the competition so you can find a niche to stand out in.

And since we’ve covered the basics of what a personal brand is and its import, it’s time to delve into what makes a personal, or in your case professional, brand stick. The fact is that most of what a client sees in you as a realtor is based entirely on your persona or how you present yourself. For example, you wouldn’t trust a hairdresser whose shop looked like the inside of a garage and who acted like a mechanic. The two don’t mesh. We don’t put mechanic and hairdresser together. The same is true for you. If you don’t look and act like a real estate agent, no one will believe you are, or worse, that you are competent enough to get the job done.

You have to start thinking about yourself as a company thinks about itself. You need to go through the exact same marketing steps that it would. Try, for instance, to answer the following questions most brands answer: what do I want my customers, clients, to think about me? What should come to mind as soon as the customer, client, hears my name? What do I taste like, feel like, and look like?

And more specifically for real estate: what type of client would choose me as their realtor? Does that type of client jive with who I want to work with? Who am I marketing to? And through what channels? Are you a big real estate SMS marketing guru? Or do you prefer the old-fashioned mailer? Your answers to these questions will determine what you are branding yourself and your real estate business as right now, as well as how you need to change if you want to attract a different type of client.

After going through the questions above and determining where your current brand is, take a look at some of the biggest brands in the world such as Nike, Apple, and Google to get an idea of what you can accomplish with your real estate brand. What do you think of when you hear the name Nike? You think of athletic wear and you can probably quote their most famous catchphrase, “Just do it.” Now think of Apple. What comes to mind as soon as your read its name? Probably sleek, simple, easy-to-use. Now, Google. What does Google taste, feel, and look like? Well, it’s colorful, smart and, of course, has all the answers. You want this to be the exact, gut reaction your clients have to your personal real estate brand. You want them to be able to describe you and your realty business in a few, simple words.

When you begin to brand, or even re-brand, your real estate business it’s important, in our digital era, to review your social media. Make sure your posts and persona you are portraying online are in line with your personal real estate brand, whether it’s an official account or not. You may need to curate a bit; delete some posts and create new ones based on how you would like to be perceived. If you need a fresh start, that’s okay too! You can always re-brand.

Another point to consider when branding yourself and your real estate business is to network. In fact, network like crazy! Get out there and make personal connections with clients and other realtors. You need to be known in your community, or the community in which you work. Find groups or gatherings of other businessmen and women, other realtors and other people in general. Remember it’s always good to know many different kinds of people, so when it comes down to actually marketing to potential clients, you can cast a wide net and catch the golden clients.

In addition, part of your networking should include technical elements such as: business cards that exude your personal brand, a personal real estate website, and real estate SMS marketing such as auto-leading text magnets. Text magnets are codes that clients or other realtors can text to find out more about a house that you just put on the market or the next training class you’re facilitating. Along with the more technical side of networking exists the human side. Confidence is key when it comes to networking face-to-face. Be confident no matter what situation you find yourself in. There’s nothing more attractive than a person with confidence. Clients and fellow realtors, alike, will want to be around you. They’ll want to know what you know.

Also, when you’re networking, it’s useful to be well-rounded, or in other words, know a little about everything. Knowing a little about everything will help you start conversations with virtually anyone you meet. A way you can start is with your interests, your hobbies. Don’t be shy with what you enjoy doing. People love hearing about new, unexpected things from people they know.

Finally, and almost most importantly, do your homework. Make sure you are an expert in your field of real estate. If you don’t feel like you have anything of value to share with other realtors, take classes. Find the parts of the real estate market that you’re not familiar with and increase your knowledge of in those areas. Over time, you will not only be knowledgeable in your main field of real estate, but in many different ones. You may even become an expert’s, expert.

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