How to Sell a Home Fast: You Are Using Real Estate Signs Wrong!

Posted on: 12/01/2017

How to Sell a Home Fast: You Are Using Real Estate Signs Wrong!

Real Estate Text/SMS Message Sign Rider Marketing
How can you benefit from real estate text marketing?

Let’s face it, the real estate yard sign has been around forever. Anywhere you go, you’ll find them. They are kind of like the go to thing for realtors. The thing that you do as a realtor because you always have. But, have you ever stopped to wonder if your real estate yard signs really do their job? Is all that hammering necessary? Do you actually see measurable results from your yard signs? Do you have potential buyers calling day and night because of the real estate yard sign you put up? The answer is probably not. However, you can enhance the effectiveness of your real estate yard signs by including a real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing tool such as an auto-leading text magnet.

An auto-leading text magnet is essentially a number that a potential client can text a specific word, that you choose, to and then receive information about the property they texted about. It allows passersby to receive information about the home they’re standing in front of instantly! How cool, right? Would you have dreamed of such an invention when you entered the world of real estate? Now, more than ever, technology, especially smartphones, allows realtors to connect with potential, and even current, clients in ways that even five years ago we couldn’t even dream about.  

And the benefit of real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing is not only immediate and measureable, it’s also cost-effective. It costs less to get an auto-leading text magnet than it does to create the real estate sign itself. And some real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing companies even allow you to have more than one word at a time, which means you can put an auto-leading text magnet on each of the properties you are selling.

Plus, those that use an auto-leading text magnet to receive more information about a home are more likely to turn into potential and actual clients because they are the ones who initiated the interaction. It’s not like you are texting random people, or cold calling, about a property that you just listed. These are people who have physically driven past the property and were so interested in it that they text you for more information about it. There really is no better client than the one who comes searching for you. And, I mean, who wouldn’t want potential clients to suddenly text you about a property? You didn’t even have to do the legwork to find them.

In our digital era, where so much of our life and time are spent online, it’s important to have an online presence. But not only that, to have a real life presence as well. Real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing can help you merge these two vastly different worlds by integrating the work you do in real life with the convenience of an online presence. Integrating these two worlds can help increase the success and power that you have to create and maintain the potency of your real estate business.  

Now there are a number of companies that offer auto-leading text magnets. A simple Google search for real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing will allow you to see a whole host of companies that offer this service. However, it’s in your best interest to find a company that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. And while there a thousands of companies that will offer this service to you, the company that I will recommend for a plethora of reasons for this service is RealtyFlux.

RealtyFlux is definitely the best real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing company on the market today. The company was founded by realtors for realtors. They understand what you need as a realtor and how you need it. For example, they allow you to not only attach an auto-leading text magnet to your real estate yard signs, but anywhere else you see fit to put them: your real estate business cards, brochures, advertisements, mailers, postcards, and even your real estate open house welcome signs. There is no end to the uses for an auto-leading text magnet. Once you start using them, they are simply indispensable.

Additionally, if you use RealtyFlux the information from a potential buyer when they text your auto-leading text magnet gets stored via an electronic list that you can access 24/7. Then, you have the opportunity to contact that potential buyer directly and schedule a showing or answer any questions they may have about the home in question. You definitely can’t do that with a normal yard sign! And you have a ready-made list of leads to use when you are sending out information about properties and your real estate business. And don’t forget, that this is a list of people that are truly interested in what you are selling.

So, if you are ready to enhance the ability of your real estate yard signs to sell properties on a daily basis, then go ahead and try out real estate text/sms message sign rider marketing. The auto-leading text magnet will be not only useful, but indispensable to you as a realtor as you begin to implement them on each of your properties. However, you don’t need to start out big. Just try using an auto-leading text magnet on one or two yard signs you already have up. Then, once you see a difference in the type and number of interested buyers, you can use an auto-leading text magnet on all your yard signs.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide how you are going to make the mark on the real estate world. Using auto-leading text magnets can help you make your mark, be successful, and stand out from the hordes of other realtors in your area. Finding success with real estate text/sms messaging sign rider marketing can help ensure that your position as a realtor and your real estate business are successful for years to come.

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