Real Estate Lead Cost: How to Bring it Down

Posted on: 12/04/2017

Real Estate Lead Cost: How to Bring it Down

As a realtor managing your costs is one of the most important things you can do to make your business successful. So, the question is, where are areas you can cut costs and make things run more efficiently? One of the easiest ways for real estate agents to cut costs is with real estate leads. However, many realtors struggle to minimize their lead cost. The reason is because big box real estate companies make it difficult to find good leads without paying through the nose for them. Lead lists cost realtors thousands each year! Don’t worry, though, if this describes your situation to a tea. Mobile lead capture for real estate agents is one of the most effective ways you can get viable leads while keeping your costs down.

With the advent of mobile lead capture for real estate agents, your lead costs can be substantially reduced. The internet and smartphones make it possible to generate leads that don’t eat you out of house and home. No longer do you need to pay these companies your hard-earned money to get one or two good leads a month. And the variety of ways to get leads is better too. There are many different types of text message marketing tools that a variety of companies offer. And they offer them at substantially lower prices than what big box realty companies charge.  

Some of the most common types of text message marketing tools are lead generating websites, leads generated through social media, and auto-leading text magnets on yard signs, postcards, business cards, at open houses and real estate classes. With such a variety of tools at your disposal, you no longer need to depend on big box real estate companies for lists of potential clients. You simply need to decide which text message marketing tool or tools will work for you and then follow through by implementing and integrating them into your existing marketing plan.

So, once you’ve chosen the text message marketing tools you’d like to use to generate leads, you need to find a company that will help you start using them. There are literally hundreds of  companies that sell mobile lead capture for real estate agents. There are, of course, your generic ones, such as EZ Texting and Trumpia. And then, there are more specialized ones that focus solely on real estate agents such as RealtyFlux.

Now the difference between generic and specialized text message marketing companies is this: generic ones simply offer only a text message magnet which is a number to text a specific phrase to. For example, text NANCY to 50505. While companies that specialize in mobile lead capture for real estate agents offer these services specifically tailored to your specific realtor needs. For example, instead of just getting a text message magnet, you would also get an customized lead generating website, and technical support from companies that work solely with real estate agents. Therefore, you need to decide if a generic or specialized text message company is best for you and your marketing plan.

If you do decide to go with a specialized text message company, RealtyFlux is the best, real estate text marketing company by far. Not only do they offer text message marketing made specifically with you in mind, but they offer the one and only auto-leading text message magnet. Basically, this is the number and phrase that a potential client texts that can be added to any type of marketing materials that you can think of. It can be as simple as postcard magnets or as complicated as yard sign magnets.

Still not sold on the idea of mobile lead capture for real estate agents? Well, here’s another reason to think about it. Not only can you use the services via texting, you can also use the lead generating website to your advantage on your social media accounts. Just think about it. You can post a link your your lead-generating website and voila, instant potential clients who are coming to you.

In addition, RealtyFlux offers its customers peace-of-mind by logging and generating lists of potential clients that use the text message magnet for your further use. Isn’t that awesome? Think about it, they log every person that texts your magnet so you can build a list of leads that are personalized to the properties you are selling. You no longer need to buy expensive lists of people who aren’t interested in what you are selling them.

And, one of the greatest advantages of RealtyFlux, and other specialized real estate companies like it, is that the leads aren’t pig penned; meaning twenty other realtors aren’t trying to contact them at the same time. Tell me that isn’t a frustration. You pick up the phone or send an email to a person on your recently purchased lead list and they are not having it. They don’t want to talk to you, or even entertain the idea of anything real estate at the moment. They’ve been so bombarded by realtors, they are just done. And then, where does that put you? Another bad lead given to you, at a premium, from a big box real estate company.

With mobile lead capture for real estate agents, that simply isn’t the case. The client is the one who initiated the contact which means that they took the first step. The lead is coming to you. How cool? You didn’t even have to market to them. As long as you can keep them happy and help them find what they are looking for, you are golden.

Specialized real estate lead companies offer all of this at a fraction of the price that big box realty companies offer leads for. Think about it. You could have hundreds, even thousands in just one month. There is really no better way to reduce the cost you are paying for your real estate leads. So, what are you waiting for? Go to RealtyFlux’s website and chat with a real person, not a robot, about how you can start utilizing their services. Pick their brain. Make sure what they are selling is right for you.

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