Content is King and How it Affects Your Real Estate Career.

Posted on: 12/06/2017

Content is King and How it Affects Your Real Estate Career.

Real Estate Text Messaging
Real Estate Text Messaging

A lot is out there about the ethereal concept called “content.” It’s heard in marketing, communication, and business circles alike. But what is it? Really. What is content? Well, content is just what you think of the first time you heard it. It’s all the stuff you base your personal real estate brand around — the articles you’ve written, the posts you’ve published and the blogs you’ve posted. It doesn’t matter where you post your content. Whether on a personal real estate website, social media, or another platform. And it doesn’t matter how you lead people to your content such as through real estate text messaging, digital marketing, and traditional marketing; the content you create needs to be engaging and informative.

Quality content, or content that is both engages and informs an audience, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your message out and be readily recognizable to potential clients. Honestly, it’s the way that the internet works nowadays. For example, the more and better quality content you have, the higher you rank in Google. So, when someone types in a real estate question or just your name, you and your real estate content will show up. There is really no better way to keep your personal real estate brand viable than to create and disseminate content that’s reliable and consistent.

That is why every communication, marketing, and business self-help article, no matter the genre, is touting content as king. It really is. Without quality, engaging content there is no way you can show up on anyone’s radar. Not potential clients, not other realtors, no one’s radar.

And you need to be seen, especially in the real estate world where everyone from friends to acquaintances are your potential customers and colleagues. With this being said, you have a dire need to actively create and disseminate content that is timely and appropriate. Content that captures others minds, and their wallets.

There are a thousand ways to begin creating content that will work to build your personal real estate brand. But there are, thankfully, a few things that are absolutely necessary and will be appealing to your intended audience, such as potential clients and colleagues, that are fairly easy to implement right away. The first starts with research. Find the ways in which the real estate business in your area, as the literal place you work, is lacking, then work to create content that will fill the void.

Content based around this kind of content concept is called evergreen content. This simply means the content you’ve created can, and will, apply to all times and seasons. It’s not just a passing fad. However, on the flip side of evergreen content, you can also find the real estate topics that are hot right now, either specifically in your area or in the real estate world altogether.

People love hearing about the newest, latest, and greatest. Content created around this concept is called trending content. Although trending content tends to receive a lot of attention initially, people’s interest in it wanes over time in favor of the next big thing. In order to have viable content creation, you should include both evergreen and trending content.

The next step you must take to begin creating quality content is to decide what kind of content reflects your real estate brand, or the type of real estate agent you are. Is your brand the type that follows the newest, latest, and greatest? Or is your brand more concentrated on the large, overarching issues that surround the real estate industry? There is no right or wrong answer.

Your real estate brand is, or should be, a reflection of who you are as a real estate agent and what you can do for your real estate customers. The type of content you disseminate should mirror this. And it is possible to draft a feasible content creation plan that reflects both evergreen and trending content while still staying true to your personal real estate brand.

Creating content can be difficult if you don’t have a system in place that allows you to generate content ideas. You should always have a place you can go to get ideas. Trust me on this; it’s very important. When you are distributing content consistently, you may begin to find it difficult to find inspiration. You can start with an initial list of topics, but what happens after you run out? Well, you need to find places where you can brainstorm ideas about the content you want to create and publicize.

A useful place to start looking for ideas when you run out may just be a local real estate forum. Whether that’s online or in-person a forum is a great place to capture what other realtors are interested in and what they are talking about. It just may give you some good ideas to create content around. In addition to forums, social media pages, real estate forums and websites, previous real estate text messaging conversations from past or current clients who have asked pertinent questions, as well as good, as a good, old-fashioned Google search can be your greatest allies as you search for relevant and appealing real estate content topics.

Finally, you will accomplish very little in the long run if you are inconsistent. Consistency is key. Like everything else in life, content, especially quality content that attracts readers and clients, needs to be consistent. Sure, you can write a great article that will capture potential clients attention for a time, but if you aren’t consistent in your content, your sudden uptick in numbers will wane. You need to capture people’s attention continuously, not just once in a blue moon.

In the end, though, content of any sort is better than non content at all. However, the best way to capitalize, literally, on personal real estate content is through consistently communicating quality content that captures others time and attention. There are all sorts of ways to distribute your content once it’s created. You can use traditional marketing techniques, online marketing, through social media or your personal real estate website, or even through real estate text messaging. If you are able to capture clients and colleagues time and attention, you will be able to not only create and maintain a great personal real estate brand, but you will be able to attract excellent and distinct individuals as your clients.

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