How to Become a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 12/11/2017

How to Become a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Text Message Marketing For Real Estate
Text Message Marketing For Real Estate

In the real estate business, it’s incredibly important to personify trust. No matter if that trust is with current clients, potential clients, or other real estate agents. It doesn’t matter if someone is communicating with you via an online channel, through text message marketing for real estate, or in person. Trust is key to building your real estate brand and being a successful real estate agent. The people around you need to be able to trust what you say, especially because word of mouth referrals are such a large part of a realtors business. You definitely don’t want those that have the potential to lead clients to your to think, or feel, that you are untrustworthy.

In addition, trust takes on a whole new meaning online. And it is critically important that your online presence be as trusted, if not more so, than your in person one. You never want someone to think that they are communicating with one realtor online, and another in person. Your real estate brand and message should remain constant and intact whether online or in person. So much of our realtor lives are spent online. Indeed, reviews are posted online and much of your marketing is done online through social media, your personal real estate website, and through third-party marketing companies. Everyone, from current clients to fellow realtors, with just a click of a button, can know who you are, what you stand for, and whether they can trust you. So without further ado, here are a couple helpful tips to becoming a trusted real estate agent both online and in person.

1) Over-communicate. Communication is key in any industry, but most especially in the real estate industry. And communication is critical to both building and maintaining trust. Think about someone you really, truly trust. Don’t they always make a conscious effort to let you know what’s going on? Of course they do! You wouldn’t trust them, as you do, if they didn’t. The same can be said of your communication with clients, potential clients, and other realtors. If something is going on that needs to be communicated, don’t wait around until you see them next, or when it’s convenient for you to let them know. They need to know now! And with the advent of so many wonderful technologies such as instant messaging, email, text message marketing for real estate, and even old-fashioned calling, there are a plethora of ways you can reach out.

One of the potential pitfalls, however, of communication with only one avenue is that the person on the other end, who needs the information, will not be able to receive the communication. Therefore, in order to over-communicate, you should choose two, or several, technologies to communicate with. In addition, if you aren’t able to get the information to the person right away, try to communicate again in a short time period. But be wary of being burdensome. There is a fine line to walk between over-communicating and becoming annoying. And you definitely don’t want to become annoying to someone you are trying to build a relationship and rapport with.

A final word of advise, people love being able to relying on those who are trustworthy and straightforward. You can be one of those people. For example, when someone asks you a question that could be answered in one word, but needs further explaining, don’t just give the easy, one-word answer. Answer the question in its entirety. Make sure that the person completely understands, from all perspectives, the answer. This may mean more time on your part, but it will be worth it. This will come especially in handy when you are working with a first-time homebuyer with little experience of the real estate industry, or even a more seasoned client that has a plethora of questions.

2) Be completely honest. It’s easy to let white lies slip all day if you aren’t paying attention. We lie to make ourselves look better in front of others and even to boost our own self-esteem. But lying, even in the small thing, isn’t right. If you want to be a trusted real estate agent, you need to make it a habit to be completely honest and trustworthy. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by not even telling small, white lies.

But this doesn’t mean that you should throw caution to the wind and say everything that comes to your mind. Quite the opposite in fact. It simply means that when you are asked or are telling a peer, potential or current client, something be completely transparent with them. Lay out the pieces in front of them. Make sure they understand the issue from all angles and can make the best decision for them. That’s really your job as a realtor afterall. Laying out information for a client and then letting them choose for themselves.

Now, the best conversations on this topic typically happen in, in person scenarios, however, that is not always feasible as clients have their own schedules to keep. So you are going to have to learn how to use this method no matter what kind of communication you are using to communicate with the client. Whether that be text message marketing for real estate, social media messengers, or through your website’s instant chat. And don’t be fooled, each communication channel has its own intricacies you’ll need to not only learn, but master, so you can communicate with trust no matter the channel.

Although being completely honest, and transparent, is often one of the toughest parts to becoming truly trustworthy. It is doable.  Becoming more trustworthy will improve your relationship with others. You, and them, will notice a difference in how your communication has evolved. You will be able to be more open with others, and they will, in turn, be more honest with you. Honesty begets honesty.

In order to foster trust in you real estate relationships, you must master over-communicating and being completely honest. Once you’re determined to do all you can to help foster trust in your business real estate relationships, nothing can stop you from becoming the most trusted and reliable realtor in your area. This means that you will have the opportunity to connect with clients, current and potential, as well as other realtors with ease. It will take work and effort, but it will be worth it. When you seek to become a trusted real estate agent in your business relationships, they will blossom into great opportunities for you for years to come.

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