Real Estate Marketing: Consistency is Key

Posted on: 12/13/2017

Real Estate Marketing: Consistency is Key

real estate text marketing
real estate text marketing

As a business professional, specifically a real estate agent, you know all about the wonders a properly designed and executed marketing plan can do for your real estate business. No doubt you’ve heard a million real estate marketing success and failure stories from family, friends, clients, and colleagues. And could probably quote a fair amount of them verbatim from memory. As you’ve no doubt noticed, marketing is a two-headed beast. It can either prove your greatest triumph or saddest defeat. However, real estate marketing has come a long way since it’s inception. Now, more than ever, there are a plethora of real estate marketing tools available to use in your real estate marketing plan such as real estate text marketing, social media marketing, general online marketing, and even making SEO a marketing tool. That being said it’s not the tools that make or break real estate marketing plans, it’s how you choose to use them.

The key to controlling the real estate marketing beast is consistency. I know that it may sound a bit too simple, or cliche, to boil all real estate marketing plans down to consistency, but it’s true. Consistency is the great leveler when it comes to marketing, especially in the real estate industry. If you are consistent in executing your real estate marketing plan, no matter how mediocre it may be, you will see consistent results. They may not be what you hoped and dreamed, but they will be consistent. However, the opposite is true too. If you are inconsistent, you will see varied results. Consistency is the key.

Marketing consistency doesn’t just center on time, although that is a large part of it, it also centers around what you say, or your real estate marketing message, and how you say it, the channels you use to market. Every real estate marketing message is unique. Therefore, each realtor will have a different message. Your unique real estate marketing message is made up of all the keywords, phrases, tone, and tangible content of your real estate articles, blogs, and they are all affected by your consistency. In addition, the channels you use to get your marketing message out such as posters, business cards, yard signs, real estate text marketing namely auto-leading text magnets, social media groups, and website(s) can also be affected by your consistency.

What you consistently do or do not say in your marketing, can vastly change the course of your real estate marketing success. Take the following as one such example. You want to market your real estate business as a small boutique operation. You want to get the word out that you love working one-on-one with clients from varied walks of life. So, you create keywords, or phrases, that describe this type of real estate business and then filter them into your marketing channels via real estate text marketing and social media marketing. However, if all your article and blogs posted on your website and real estate forums center on how to work with large real estate firms, your success will definitely decrease.

The reason: there is no consistency. The potential clients, and even current ones, are getting mixed messages. Are you actually a small boutique real estate firm, or are you a large one? No one knows, especially not if they do a simple online search, which most people do before they choose a business, or service, to go with. Since the two messages are so inconsistent they can vastly change your real estate business success. The point: you have to appeal to a clear audience with a consistent message.

However, simply having a clear audience to market a consistent real estate message to is not enough. You’ll also need to be able to consistently utilize various real estate marketing channels. As an example of how this can be done, we will build on our existing real estate scenario. Say that you are again marketing your real estate business as a small boutique operation. If you use social media marketing to market your message to clients, and potential clients, and then all of a sudden one day you decide to up and switch to a business website to market your message, your audience will not only be confused, but will dwindle.

Since where they were going to get your real estate information before, your real estate social media posts, is no longer available, instead of searching for where else they can find your real estate information online, they will most likely find another realtor to follow that has a similar real estate marketing message. As you can see having consistent real estate marketing channels is key to any properly thought-out real estate marketing plan. Therefore, if you are consistent in your channels of marketing, you will find success as a real estate marketeer.

Consistency is a trait much needed in the world of business, and especially in the real estate industry where relationships with clients and colleagues rule the day. And indeed is a trait that is often overlooked in favor of other more familiar real estate industry qualities such as salesmanship or knowledge. However, in order for people to trust you, they need to know that you can deliver a consistent message in a consistent way consistently. It is one of the most important traits that often keeps realtors real estate business from taking off the way that they feel like it should. And you never want to be stuck in that type of situation.

In any case, once potential clients and colleagues know that you are a reliable real estate source whether that is via your real estate social media accounts, through real estate text marketing, or through your real estate marketing mailers, your real estate business will not only grow, but become bigger than you ever thought possible. And wouldn’t that just be the best! You would have mastered one of the more subtle characteristics of owning and managing a successful real estate business. Don’t let inconsistency stand in your way of becoming the realtor you want and deserve to be.

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